About Transcension HealthCare

Transcension HealthCare is dedicated to advancing medicine with a focus on improving medical education. The company was founded by two physicians who, during their training, saw great opportunities to revolutionize traditional teaching methods. Thus far, medical training has underutilized technology for effective learning, largely remaining in the vein of electronic flash cards. Transcension HealthCare seeks to empower the medical community with fresh tools and ideas in a cost-effective manner.

Transcension Healthcare was created to develop highly effective medical education technologies which allow users to transcend the levels achievable by current educational paradigms.

The goals of these technologies are as follows:

  • Increase learning efficiency
  • Augment quality by increasing depth of understanding
  • Accelerate time to initial understanding and then to mastery
  • Stimulate critical thinking
  • Increase retention of learned material by facilitating repetition
  • Improve patient safety by providing alternative avenues of training
  • Portability, ease of use and accessibility
  • Decrease educational costs
  • Functional feedback
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